Carolin Veiland

cveiland_bewerbungsfoto_squareCaro, by some authors and fellow book bloggers better known as The Book Rogue, is the brains –and mostly everthing else– of Rogue Books. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Translation Studies, and while reading and translating are her upmost passions, she’s also good at doing the other kind of books. You know, the ones with numbers.

When Caro isn’t knee-deep in the English language while translating, or reading, or blogging, she’s teaching it to groups or individuals. She only reverts to German when forced, i.e. by her hubby, and when she’s cooking.

Moira Scott

black-girl-hood-smallMoira is Caro’s smut-loving alter ego. If things get heated (or downright dirty), she’s all eyes, grabby hands, and furiously typing fingers. She’s the creative muse, occassionally working on her own stories or fanfictions, while listening to Metal music.