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effective as of July 1, 2015

The creation and use of this website is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Disclaimer of liability

The site owner (or “author) reserves the right not to be respon­si­ble for the top­i­cal­ity, cor­rect­ness, com­plete­ness or qual­ity of the infor­ma­tion pro­vided. Lia­bil­ity claims regard­ing dam­age caused by the use of any infor­ma­tion pro­vided, includ­ing any kind of infor­ma­tion which is incom­plete or incorrect, will there­fore be rejected. All offers are not-binding and with­out oblig­a­tion. Parts of the pages or the com­plete pub­li­ca­tion includ­ing all offers and infor­ma­tion might be extended, changed, or deleted (partly as well as com­pletely) by the author with­out sep­a­rate announcement.

The author is not respon­si­ble for any con­tents linked or referred to from this blog – unless s/he has full knowl­edge of ille­gal con­tents and would be able to pre­vent the vis­i­tors of this site from view­ing those pages. If any dam­age occurs by the use of infor­ma­tion pre­sented there, only the author of the respec­tive pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages. Fur­ther­more, the author is not liable for any post­ings or mes­sages pub­lished by users of dis­cus­sion boards, guest­books, or mail­inglists pro­vided on this page.


All images, diagrams, sounds, etc. used/displayed on this website are used without intended infringement of their respective author’s rights. The copy­right for any mate­r­ial cre­ated by the author is reserved. Any dupli­ca­tion or use of objects such as images, dia­grams, sounds or texts in other elec­tronic or printed pub­li­ca­tions is not per­mit­ted with­out the author’s agreement.

Privacy Policy for Personal Data

Generally, the use of this website does not require the user to share any personal data. Data provided by you (e.g. via the contact form) can be or contain personal data, such as name, phone number, or e-mail address. The site owner stores your data only at your request, and to the extent needed, or for data backup. The specific use of such data is indicated in the respective context.

Data provided by you is not disclosed to third parties or used outside of the extent needed, unless you have given your consent to do so, or the site owner is required or authorized by law to do so (e.g., in relation to law enforcement).

– Newsletter –

With subsribing, you state that you want to receive news, updates, and notifications of this website. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, i.e. via the links provided in any of the e-mails. When you subscribe, data such as your IP address, time and date of your subscription as well as the confirmation of your subscription, may be stored.

By confirming your subscription, you agree to share data such as opening the e-mail and clicks on links for statistics. All anonymous, of course!

Privacy Policy for Social Media

Social plugins are software modules that are developed and made available by the social media services. They can be installed on web pages as is, to enable an automated communication (data exchange) between the web page and the social media services in accordance with their respective policies. As part of this communication, data are transferred dynamically from a social media service to one of our web pages, for example. On the other hand, at the same time, data from the user viewing our web pages are transferred to the social media service (e.g., that of the user’s computer IP address). You will notice the use of social plugins on certain web pages.

By clicking on any of the social media buttons, you agree to the use of this plugin and therefore the transfer of personal data to the respective social media service. We have no control over the nature and scope of these transmitted data as well as their further processing. According to our current state of knowledge, the relevant social media service is informed of your IP address and that of the web page using the plugin. If you are simultaneously logged in to a social media service platform, that social media service is able to directly assign the information to your user profile.

In order to avoid such a collection of profile information about you, you should log out of each social media service platform. Data such as the IP address of the computer you are using will be transmitted in any regard.

For more information from Facebook about how to deal with the appropriate plugin and the corresponding social media service, refer to: http://developers.facebook.com/plugins. For more information on Facebook about its data use policy, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy

For more information from Google about how to deal with the appropriate plugin and the corresponding social media service, refer to: http://support.google.com/. For more information on Google about its privacy policy, please visit: http://www.google.com/intl/policies/privacy

For more information from Twitter about how to deal with the appropriate plugin and the corresponding social media service, refer to: https://twitter.com/. For more information on Twitter about its data use policy, please visit: https://twitter.com/privacy

For more information from Pintrest about how to deal with the appropriate plugin and the corresponding social media service, refer to: https://help.pinterest.com/en. For more information on Pintrest about its data use policy, please visit: https://about.pinterest.com/en/privacy-policy

For more information from Tumblr about how to deal with the appropriate plugin and the corresponding social media service, refer to: http://developers.tumblr.com/. For more information on Tumblr about its data use policy, please visit: https://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/privacy

For more information from StumbleUpon about how to deal with the appropriate plugin and the corresponding social media service, refer to: http://help.stumbleupon.com/. For more information on StumbleUpon about its data use policy, please visit: http://www.stumbleupon.com/privacy

Social media is growing, and technology develops fast. As there are a large number of companies, plugins, addons, browsers, and providers, it is impossible — and thus legally not mandatory — to have a complete and up-to-date list of programmes, and the contact information of their developers, at any given time.

Affiliate Links

If you follow an affiliate link and purchase a product, the site owner will get a commission. The price of a product remains the same, whether you find it via a regular or an affiliate link. Affiliate links are recognizable as such, as they are either explicitely named in the text, or by using stars (* Link *). The page owner does not receive a commission by merely placing an affiliate link; all products with such a link are come with a recommendation by the site owner.


This dis­claimer is to be regarded as part of the inter­net pub­li­ca­tion which you were referred from. If sec­tions or indi­vid­ual terms of this state­ment are not legal or cor­rect, the con­tent or valid­ity of the other parts remain unin­flu­enced by this fact.